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EZY Studio is proud to offer many different types of photography services, such as: wedding and engagement photography, pre and post wedding photos, honeymoon photos, drone services, destination weddings and much more. Discuss and share your vision for a personalized session and enhance your marketing power. Session will include capturing the perfect headshot for you, no matter what your business. You will have access to a personalised online gallery of images from your shoot.
Your professional photographs and video's will be delivered to you on an organized USB and also your pictures and video will be available online

Real Estate Services

HDR Photos and Virtual Tour

Real Estate Photo & Video Services Discover how our photography and videos can highly optimize your marketing content, and home showcase videos.

Professional Headshots

Business Portraits

Toronto professional headshots and business portrait. Best in headshots, portrait, business, executive, LinkedIn, actor, fashion, modeling portfolio and real estate agent.

Corporate Photography

Team Photography and Individual Headshots

We can provide sessions that include both corporate photography and individual headshots, either at your location or the studio. Group rates are available and are determined by the number of people and the settings needed. Call to discuss what kind of look and feel you need for your business.

Corporate Events

Photography & Videography

Corporate Event Photography and Videography Services

Product Photography

Personal Branding Sessions

Create an online visual impact with photographs unique to you and your business. This package is specifically designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs with their own websites and online social media presence.

Food Photography

Photography & Videography

Food photographer shooting Food & Drink Photography for advertising, packaging & editorial. Shoot in natural light studio (with kitchen area) or on location.

Artists Concert Photography

Photography & Videography

Music Photographers shoot live concerts, band promo photos and portraits.

Family Portraits


Capturing beautiful family portraits for you to cherish for years to come. Providing a fun and relaxed experience.